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Graduate FAQ


When is the deadline for applying?

MFA Deadlines: For full consideration for Fall admission, you should submit all required materials by January 15. If spots remain, a second round of reviews is available for completed packets received by March 15. However, we strongly recommend you submit all application materials in January for the best chance to be considered for UNT scholarships and other assistance.

MA Deadlines: For Fall admission, you must submit all required materials by March 15.

*NOTE* Our department's deadline to apply is earlier than the Toulouse Graduate School's date of July 15.

When can I anticipate a notification about the committee's decision?

For Fall 2023 M.A. admissions, you can anticipate a notification around April 7.

For Fall 2023 M.F.A. admissions you can anticipate a notification of early admission around end of February (M.F.A.s only) and regular admission around April 7, 2022

I want to apply to graduate school at UNT for either the Master of Arts or Master of Fine Arts degree. What do I need to send?

  • Your application, application fee, GRE scores, and official transcripts need to be sent to UNT's Toulouse Graduate School. The UNT graduate school fee is $75.00.
  • An academic writing sample, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose need to be sent directly to the Graduate Director of the program you are applying, that is, either the Director of the M.A. program or the Director of the M.F.A. program.
  • M.F.A. applicants only: send your digital portfolio materials to the M.F.A. Director.

Find out more about M.F.A. Admissions and M.A. Admissions.

What do you want on the statement of purpose? How should I send it to you?

Your statement of purpose should clearly indicate why you want to pursue a Masters degree.

  • Indicate what specific area of study in the Media Arts graduate program at UNT you want to pursue: M.F.A. in Documentary Production and Studies or M.A. in Media Arts
    • For M.A. applications, indicate which track you are interested in pursuing: either Critical/Cultural Studies or Industries Studies.
  • Identify what experiences have served as a foundation for success in graduate work in Media Arts. Your answers should focus on your academic background, relevant coursework, and related professional experiences.
  • Communicate how pursuing a graduate degree in our department and in your specific program will aid in your professional plans and/or career aspirations.

All application materials should be e-mailed to the respective Graduate Directors.

There is no length requirement, but note that heavy emphasis is placed on this statement in our review of your application materials.

I'm an international student who obtained a degree in the USA, do I still need to submit my TOEFL score?

Students from outside the United States must apply through UNT-International (UNT-I). Contact the UNT-International office, not the Department of Media Arts, for all TOEFL questions.

Should I wait until I have all my material together or can I send items in one at a time?

Materials do not have to be sent as a single package, however the admissions committee will not review your application until all materials have been received.

I sent in my application, how long will it take before I know if I am accepted?

You can anticipate contact from either the Toulouse Graduate School or the Graduate Director approximately one month after the respective semester deadlines.

What kinds of Graduate Assistantships are available? What is the difference in a TA, an RA, or a TF?

A limited number of paid graduate assistantships are awarded each year to graduate students.There are various assignments that fall under the Teaching Assistantships (TAs) category, which are:

  • Teaching Assistant (TA) -- Assist a professor in duties including attendance, grading, teaching, and advising students enrolled in a class.
  • Research Assistant (RA) -- Assist with duties concerning a research project undertaken by a professor or other administrative duties.
  • Teaching Fellows (TF) -- Teach lower-level undergraduate courses on your own, usually courses like writing or basic equipment operation. A minimum of 18 hours of graduate credit is required to qualify as a TF.

How do I apply for an assistantship?

The assistantship application form is on the Department of Media Arts website.

When should I apply for an assistantship?

The assistantship application should be sent in with your other application material to the Director of your program.

I've been assigned a teaching assistantship. Now what?

Follow the specific directions given to you in the email or letter you received regarding your assistantship. This will include such things as:

  • Contact the faculty member with whom you have been assigned.
  • Contact the Media Arts office to ensure the appropriate employment paperwork has been completed.

Is an assistantship continuous?

Assistantships are assigned on a semester-by-semester basis for one semester only and renewal is based upon your performance in the job. While we try to maintain assistantships for both the fall and spring semesters, students need to submit evaluation forms and re-apply each semester.