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Certificate Programs


In this 15-hour certificate program, students learn to utilize and analyze a variety of digital media tools for the purposes of communication, collaboration and research, and to develop social, political, academic and professional networks. The certificate is interdisciplinary; students must take the three core courses from MRTS, COMM and TECM. Applicable electives may be taken from any department with permission. (Learn more)


This is a 15-hour interdisciplinary certificate. Developed in coordination with Dallas-Fort Worth area game studios, the certificate introduces students to contemporary ideas in game studies, design, and project leadership experiences. Requirements: 9 hours in foundational courses CSCE 1010, ENGL 2800, and MRTS 3630; plus another 6 hours, with at least 3 hours outside the student's major, chosen from COMM 3720, COMM 3920, COMM 4320, ENGL 3140, ENGL 3500, ENGL 4680, JOUR 3250, MRTS 3445, MRTS 4460, MRTS 4740, other courses as approved in consultation with the director. (Learn more)


This certificate is designed to provide students interested in non-production careers a credential that will be useful in seeking entry-level employment in the electronic media industry. Required courses are MRTS 4430 and 4670; plus two courses selected from a list of approved courses: MRTS 4320, 4410 (when taught as "Radio in Britain"), 4420, 4450 (when taught as "Television in Britain"), or 4360. (Learn more)


This certificate is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of Spanish history, culture, politics, language and media. Students will earn the Certificate in addition to their degree in MRTS/CBCM. Required Courses: MRTS 4450 (when taught as "Seminar in Spanish Language Media", SPAN 4040; and 3 hours from: SPAN 3140, SPAN 3150, SPAN 3160; plus two courses selected from a list of approved courses: ANTH 3200, 3210,4300; ENGL 3922; HIST 3150, 4150, 4160, 4172, 4190; PSCI 3700, 3810; or WMST 4240. (Learn more)


This interdepartmental certificate program is open to students majoring in Media Arts (MRTS) or Converged Broadcast Media (CBCM). Interested students must apply and be admitted into the restricted television news producing certificate program. Students must complete 15 hours in MRTS and CBCM (MRTS 1310, 2210, and 4850; CBCM 2400 and 3500) plus one 3-hour elective course (from MRTS 4320, 4430, or 4450; or CBCM 3525) for a total of 18 credit hours. The department recommends an internship in a professional news operation (radio, television, web, etc.) to supplement the program, although the internship is not required for completion of the certificate. (Learn more)