Reserving Labs in 180 | Department of Media Arts

Reserving Labs in 180

We've switched reservation systems for the lab spaces in 180. To reserve lab space including editing bays and 180 classrooms you now need to come down to the lab in-person and one of the lab assistants can reserve spaces for you. (Lab assistants are to your left when entering 180.) As always the general 180 lab computers are first come, first serve. This new reservation system only applies to the following spaces:

  • 180H - Classroom and Audio Editing Room
  • 180M - Audition Editing Room 2
  • 180N - Audio Recording Studio Lab 2
  • 180P - ProTools Editing Room 1
  • 180R - Audio Recording Studio Lab 3
  • 180S - Voice Over Booth
  • 180X - ProTools Editing Room 2

As always you can reserve space well in advance or take your chances the day of. We highly recommend that you reserve early, especially as we get closer to the end of the academic year with a variety of student projects going into editing.