Graduate Assistantships | Department of Media Arts

Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of paid graduate assistantships are awarded each year to new and continuing graduate students. Typically this involves students assisting in the teaching of large Media Arts lecture classes. Opportunities are also available to assist in the management of campus radio station KNTU-FM or the department's cable channel ntTV, and in the research and creative activity of Media Arts faculty members. Teaching and research assistantships carry a stipend and an out-of-state tuition waiver.

There are various assignments that fall under the Teaching Assistantships (TAs) category, which are:

  • Teaching Assistant (TA) -- Assist a professor in duties including attendance, grading, teaching, and advising students enrolled in a class.
  • Research Assistant (RA) -- Assist with duties concerning a research project undertaken by a professor or other administrative duties.
  • Teaching Fellows (TF) -- Teach lower-level undergraduate courses on their own, usually courses like writing or basic equipment operation. A minimum of 18 hours of graduate credit is required to qualify as a TF.

Decisions on assistantships are normally made in March or April for the following fall semester. To apply for a graduate assistantship, complete an Assistantship Application Form and email it with your resume to:

Melinda Levin, M.F.A. Director of Graduate Studies

Jacqueline Vickery, M.A. Director of Graduate Studies

For other potential sources of financial aid contact the UNT Financial Aid office.