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An internship is a supervised, undergraduate off-campus work experience in a position that relates to a student's career objective. It is administered jointly through the Department of Media Arts and the University's Center for Cooperative Education, and is available for credit on a pass/no pass basis.


  • Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA): 2.75.
  • Consent of the Department; a registration code is needed from Phyllis Slocum to enroll for course credit.
  • Media Arts or CBCM Major status or Media Arts graduate status with approval from the Media Arts Graduate Director.
  • Senior standing (completed at least 90 credit hours -- at least 15 hours of which must be MRTS advanced).
  • Earn a maximum of 6 semester credit hours with internship courses.
  • Interns must work a minimum of 50 hours to yield one (1) semester hour of credit earned; usually a maximum of three (3) credit hours can be earned in any one semester which requires 150 hours of work.
  • Meet all requirements for the internship position as outlined by the employer.


  • Locate/determine an employer who will accept you as an intern. (See below "How to ....")


  • Be Honest -- what do YOU want to do as a media professional? That's KEY in looking for the right internship.
  • Check websites/call prospective employers in the field of your area of interest. Do they offer internships? Most do! For out of state internships, i.e. Hollywood, NYC, check the company's website for contact info.
  • Check Handshake (see for opportunities in your area of interest.
  • Check the internship board in the Media Arts Department hallway for more opportunities.
  • More questions? Talk with the Media Arts Department Internship Coordinator Phyllis Slocum. (Email for appointment:
  • After locating an employer who will accept you as an intern and is willing to work with the Media Arts Department and UNT's Cooperative Education Center, meet with Phyllis Slocum for the appropriate documentary materials.

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