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FAQ - Undergraduate

How do I become an MRTS major?

  • The designated courses you must complete for major status are outlined on a tracking sheet available in the Department of Media Arts office. Use this tracking sheet to monitor your progress and when you have completed the required courses, make application for MRTS major status.

How do I get a degree plan?

  • If you are a Pre-Major, once you become a full Major, a degree plan will be filed for you.

How do I sign up for MRTS 1310 or 1320?

  • You must have active PMRT status to sign up for these classes and the classes must have open seats.

May I take MRTS 1310 and 1320 together?

  • Yes, you may take them together or in any order.

    I need a degree plan for my VA benefits. What do I do?

    • You need to see a College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) adviser during walk-in advising times.

    I need an advising clearance code. Is that available by phone?

    • No. You will need to come in and speak with a CAS adviser during their advising times. These codes will NOT be given over the phone.

    What classes may I take at another school that will transfer?

    • Core classes can only be transferred with permission from the College of Arts and Sciences. Certain MRTS classes may be taken at a Community College. See a Media Arts adviser for more details.

    What classes may I take to satisfy my core?

    • Either check the handout, catalog or other publications, OR go to the CAS Advising Office.

    Where is the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Advising Office?

    • It is in GAB Room 220.

    I am a transfer student and was told that I need to speak to an adviser. With whom do I talk?

    • If you are a transfer student then you are required to attend orientation. All questions will be answered at orientation.

    What orientation do I attend?

    • In your letter of acceptance to UNT, there was a memo detailing the schedule of orientations. You were specifically assigned a date and time. The instructions are in the letter.

    How do I read my degree plan?

    • Check with the CAS Advising Office.

    How do I know what transferred in as what?

    • If this was not clear during orientation, then see the correct adviser about his or her decision. For example, if you have a question concerning a core class, see the CAS Advising Office. If you have a question concerning an MRTS class, see a Media Arts adviser.

    How do I change from Pre-Major to Major?

    • After you have determined that you have completed all the MRTS Pre-Major requirements, fill out an application found in the Media Arts office and submit the application to a Media Arts adviser along with an unofficial transcript.

    What do I take next semester?

    • That question is for you to answer. Plan your enrollment needs by consulting your online audit through the Student Service Center at my.unt.edu or schedule an appointment to meet with your academic adviser.

    It has been a long time since my degree plan came out. How do I update it?

    • Go to the CAS Advising office and ask for a degree audit.

    How do I change, drop or add a minor?

    • Once you have a degree plan, go to the CAS Advising Office, although a minor is not required.

    I think that I am close to graduating. What do I need to take to finish my degree?

    • Go to the CAS Advising Office to schedule an appointment for a graduation check.

    What is a graduation check and when do I need to schedule an appointment for one?

    • A graduation check is to be completed the semester preceding the one in which you plan to graduate (i.e.: file in Fall if you plan to graduate at the end of Spring). A graduation check reviews your degree plan and provides you with a list of courses that you still need to complete to graduate.

    When and where do I need to file for graduation?

    • The deadline for filing for graduation is at the beginning of the semester in which you plan to graduate. The application is submitted to the CAS Advising Office. If this is done on time, the application is free. If you miss the deadline, there is a $25 late fee.