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Industry Studies

The Industry Studies side of the Master of Arts program is led by a small but dynamic faculty who work closely with graduate students as they develop their degree plans. Students are afforded options to create individualized degree plans that fit their academic interests and career goals. Our faculty members are internationally recognized scholars, seasoned media professionals and award-winning media producers. The Industry Studies area is designed for students with an interest in all branches of media industries -- inluding film, television, and digital content -- with a focsus on media management, economics, globalization, entrepreneurship, distribution, law and regulation, programming, and audience research. The degree is designed with a focus on expanding students' career readiness and options in the media industry or academia. Students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of graduate courses; the program is designed to take approximately two years.

Find out more about admissions or the program, contact Dr Xiaoqun Zhang, Director of Master of Arts program.


  • RTVF 5125: Media Industry Studies
  • Either MRTS 5120: Crit/Cult Studies OR MRTS 5121: New Media Theory

2. MINIMUM 9 HOURS OF TRACK-SPECIFIC CRIT/CULT COURSES: (offerings subject to chagne with approval from faculty advisor)

  • Media Managment
  • Media Economics
  • Digital Distribution
  • Media Entrepreneurship
  • Global Media
  • Audience Research
  • Media Law & Regulation
  • Media Programming
  • Media Ethics
  • Video Game History
  • Broadcast Advertising
  • U.S. Television History
  • Leadership in Media Organization
  • It's Not Just TV, It's HBO
  • Media in the 21st Century


These can include up to (but not required):

  • 6 credit hours from graduate courses in other departments at UNT as approved by the faculty advisor
  • 3 credit hours practicum OR 3 hours internship
  • 3 credit hours special problems (with faculty approval)


The Master of Arts degree offers the option of a written thesis or a comprehensive exam. We strongly encourage students to pursue the thesis option if they are interested in applying to Ph.D. programs.

  • Thesis Option (6 hours of thesis enrollment)
    • Of the required minimum of 30 graduate hours, 6 hours must be thesis credit. The student must have departmental approval for this option, including the approval of a Media Arts graduate faculty thesis advisor. The student must successfully complete and orally defend a written thesis.
  • Comprehensive Exam Option (3 hours of special problems)
    • Of the required minimum of 30 graduate hours, 3 hours must be a special problems credit with the successful completion of a comprehensive examination. The student must have departmental approval for this option, including the approval of a Media Arts graduate faculty examination advisor. Students are eligible to complete the exam once they have a degree plan approved and have completed 21 hours of graduate course work.


Thesis work completed by graduate students in Industry Studies covers topics such as distribution, media management and economics, globalization, audience research, and media regulation. Recent completed theses include:

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