Dr. Xiaoqun Zhang | Department of Media Arts

Dr. Xiaoqun Zhang

Associate Professor
Media Economics and Management, Audience Research, Digital Media Adoption and Usage, Measurement of Media Coverage
Xiaoqun Zhang
RTFP 233

Xiaoqun Zhang (SHEE-ow-kwihn jahng) gained his first Ph.D. in management from Tsinghua University, and his second Ph.D. in media studies from Bowling Green State University.

Zhang's research interests include media management and economics, media technology and policy, and the measurement of media coverage. His work has been published in Communication Research, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Telematics & Informatics, Telecommunications Policy, Time & Society, Journalism Studies, Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies, and Corporate Reputation Review. His work also gained four research paper awards from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), and three research paper awards from the Broadcast Education Association (BEA).

Zhang has taught courses in media industry studies, including Media Economics, Audience Research, and Mobile Media at UNT. He also taught multiple courses at Bowling Green State University (BGSU), including Telecommunication Policy and Regulations, Media Policy and Industry, Audience Research, Online Social Media, Introduction to Communication, and Public Speaking. He gained two teaching awards from the School of Media and Communication, and was nominated for a teaching award from the Graduate College of BGSU.

Zhang has managerial experience in a big Chinese newspaper group (Dazhong Newspaper Group), and research experience in two Chinese government agencies.