MARK LAMBERT | Department of Media Arts


Program/Operations/News Manager - KNTU, Webmaster - KNTU & Media Arts, Adjunct Instructor
Mark Lambert
RTFP 275

Mark Lambert is the only full-time staff member of the university's 100,000 watt radio station, KNTU-FM. He's been helping to lead the station since February 2000. Drawing on more than two decades of experience in broadcasting and newspaper work, Lambert helps train the students who work in the professional environment which KNTU strives to maintain. He has worked for newspapers as writer and photographer; in radio as DJ, production director, news writer, newscaster, and news director; in network radio as correspondent, editor, producer, writer, and anchorman; and in cable TV as news gatherer, writer, and editor.

Mark Lambert broadcasting with a student from the 2014 Denton Arts & Jazz Festival.

Lambert has an MA in Media Industry and Critical Studies from from UNT's Department of Media Arts and a BA in Broadcast Communication from the University of Texas at Arlington. He has won two New York Radio and Television Gold Medals and a Dallas Advertising League Gold TOP Award.