Dr. Jacqueline Ryan Vickery | Department of Media Arts

Dr. Jacqueline Ryan Vickery

Associate Professor
Digital Media, Youth Media, Feminism, Media Literacy, Ethnography, Media Workshops
Director of Research for Youth Media Lab
RTFP 237

Dr. Jacqueline Ryan Vickery is Associate Professor of Media Arts at the University of North Texas and Director of Research for the Youth Media Lab at UNT. Drawing from qualitative, feminist, and ethnographic methods, she researches the media practices and representations of marginalized youth, with a particular focus on informal learning, equity, and media literacy. She strives to make her research accessible and applicable to youth and youth-serving organizations through community outreach, media workshops, and public talks. In effort to put her research and passions into practice, she also founded and facilitates a summer Digital Storytelling Workshop for local teens in foster care.

Vickery is the author of Worried about the Wrong Things: Youth, Risk, and Opportunity in the Digital World (2017, The MIT Press), co-author of The Digital Edge: How Black and Latino Youth Navigate Digital Inequality (with S. Craig Watkins, A. Cho, A. Lombana-Bermudez, V. Shaw, and L. Weinzheimer; NYU Press, 2018). and co-editor (with Tracy Everbach) of the edited anthology Mediating Misogyny: Gender, Technology, and Harassment (2018, Palgrave).

Dr. Vickery has also published work on privacy and surveillance, digital literacy and equity in after-school clubs, conducted analyses of anonymity in meme production, blogs, and forums, and researched issues of online femininity and gender performance. Her work is published in Journal of Children and Media; Information, Communication, & Society; Equity & Excellence in Education; Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, FlowTV and several other online publications. She frequently presents at national and international conferences including: the Association of Internet Researchers, Console-ing Passions Feminist Media Conference, Digital Media & Learning, and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

From 2011-2014 Dr. Vickery served as an Associated Researcher for the The Digital Edge, an ethnographic research project funded by the MacArthur Foundation's Connected Learning Research Network. The interdisciplinary project explores how students, teachers, and families are engaging digital media in the face of significant social, financial, educational, and familial challenges. The project seeks to understand the many different nodes -- peer, familial, online, extra-curricular -- that shape young people's learning ecologies.

Dr. Vickery is the co-founder of and an co-advisor for the interdisciplinary Digital Media Studies Certificate at UNT and serves on the Executive Committee for the Women's Faculty Network at UNT.


  • Ph.D. in Media Studies - University of Texas at Austin
  • M.A. in Media Studies - University of Texas at Austin
  • B.A. in Communication - University of Oklahoma

Courses taught at UNT:

  • Digital Media & Society
  • Teen Media
  • Gender, Race, and Digital Media
  • Digital Media Theory (graduate only)
  • Special Topics: Media in a Global Pandemic
  • Special Topics: Researching Gen Z Media
  • Special Topics: Digital Literacies & Social Activism
  • Special Topics: Community Media Education
  • Social Media Strategies