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Bonnie Millward

Administrative Coordinator
Bonnie Millward

Bonnie Millward was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and became an American Citizen 10 years ago -- and now holds dual citizenship.

From an early age she was a member of the world-famous Burlington Teen Tour Band. While in the band she toured all over the USA, marched in the Rose Bowl Parade, the Orange Bowl Parade, and in many cities' 4th of July parades. She also toured with the band in Europe for 21 days performing in England, the Netherlands, and Germany.

She has worked in the recycling industry, the newspaper industry, financial industry, and is looking forward to spending many years at UNT. Millward is married with 2 daughters and loves cats -- especially her crew at her house all day with her husband waiting for the "magic" to get back home!