Marielena Resendiz | Department of Media Arts

Marielena Resendiz

Senior Student & Program Coordinator

Born and raised in South Texas, Marielena Resendiz (MEHR-ee-uh-LAY-nuh ree-SEHN-deez) made her way to Denton in 1997 and became a part of the University of North Texas staff.

She was part of UNT's Survey Research for 15 years as Program Research Assistant and Spanish translator. Her work experience there included quantitative research and population research. Resendiz helped conduct numerous research endeavors for industry, local governments, state agencies, and needs assessment projects.

She joined UNT's Department of Media Arts office staff in July 2010 and began sharing her zest for life in several areas. In 2011, she became the coordinator of our Media Arts Ambassadors - these are students who serve as university representatives and tour guides for the Media Arts department.

Then in 2013, she replaced a departing staff member as the mentor for the Media Arts and student outreach. She works with incoming students allowing them to have opportunities in workshops, and productions before they are actual majors in our department. This allows the students to begin friendships with their classmates and take part in their own film projects (we've got equipment just for them to get them started), go on tours of broadcast and film environments, and get together for Friday night film screenings - there's even popcorn included! She's done such a great job working with these students that she received a Student Success Award from the university.

Resendiz also serves as the Media Arts social media coordinator and event coordinator. As if her plate wasn't already completely full, she is a board member for the annual Thin Line Fest and serves as the fundraiser coordinator and the Volunteer Director; she is also a board member of UNT's Feral Cat Rescue Group; and volunteer coordinator of Friend with Benefits.