1st Year MFA Students' Screening | Department of Media Arts
December 2, 2015

1st Year MFA Students' Screening

00 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 3, in RTFP 184.The screening will be Thursday, Dec. 3, at 7:00 p.m. in RTFP 184.

Here is a rundown of the films and synopses:

  • Kuchipudi: Journey Of A Tradition -- Sunil Kilaru
    Kuchipudi is a form of traditional dance from India. Padma Sonti is the first Indian Guru to teach Kuchipudi in the DFW area. She has started a heritage through the traditional dance.
  • Through The Cloud -- Barry Thornburg
    The controversial use of e-cigarettes, widely known as vaping, has permeated headlines in recent years. As the practice continues to gain popularity, this film gives a glimpse into the life of a vaper and how he lives his life with vaping.
  • No Matter From Where -- Katrin Fallah
    Marjaneh immigrated from Iran to pursue her career as an artist. This film sheds light on her experience as an immigrant woman and how she attempts to convey her concern for women's issues through her paintings.
  • Life After Religion -- Bokyung Choi
    Being an athiest in Texas is challenging. Nolan and Elizabeth share their journey of how they became nonreligious. Nolan, a former minister, realizes the true meaning of himself after losing his faith. Elizabeth, who struggled for a long time to come out as an athiest, attempts to find a way to make herself happy.
  • Old Fashioned Ice Cream -- Cyuzuzo Ingabire
    The historic downtown square of Denton, Texas, is known for its distinguishing landmarks, sense of heritage, and unique businesses. This is the story of one of those businesses: an old fashioned ice cream shop that has become part of the community by sharing its history and traditional homemade products.
  • The Arctic Princess -- Sergio Almendariz
    After moving from Russia to Texas, Svetlana began to model and dabbled in a wide range of art and photography styles. After a recent car wreck left her feeling lost, she had to find a way to bring back her artistic and creative self.