Documentary Film Shorts Screening | Department of Media Arts
May 4, 2015

Documentary Film Shorts Screening

Students in RTVF 441 Documentary Production have completed six films and are ready to present them in a public screening.

Here are synopses of the films:

  • Let There Be Rock -- Middle school kids from Denton County gather at the School of Rock in Flower Mound to take music lessons, play in a band, and showcase their talents at a regional show in Deep Elum.
  • High Point -- Mario Stanley gives a guided tour of the popular sport of rock climbing and the Climbfit exercise program that he teaches at Summit Gym.
  • Sydney Strong -- Sydney Marquis shares her journey through the challenges of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and provides hope for others facing a cancer diagnosis.
  • Tumbling Weeds -- DFW NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) travels to Austin to lobby legislators in favor of medical marijuana legislation reform.
  • Blues Running Backward -- Denton musician Doug Burr struggles to overcome a disappointing CD release with a new album. His story of juggling a family, day job, and musical aspirations shows the delicate balance necessary to be successful.
  • Angels of West -- Beulah Zahirniak and her family attempt to make new memories after the explosion of the West, Texas, fertilizer plant destroyed their home.