2nd Year Master of Fine Arts Screening | Department of Media Arts
May 6, 2015

2nd Year Master of Fine Arts Screening

The Second Year Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Production students have created six films that will be screened on Friday, May 8, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the RTFP Building, Room 184.

  • Community Cryptid
    This film documents Bigfoot conferences in East Texas and Arkansas where experts and enthusiasts gather to share research, stories, and fellowship. Despite a diversity of belief systems and perspectives when it comes to Bigfoot, this group of people remains united in the shadow of one of the world's most popular cryptids.
    Directed by: David Goodman
    Director of Photography: Jakob Schwarz
    Sound Recordist: Robert Bowen
    Editor: Johnathan Paul
  • Nowhere Land
    Translated as Nikide Půdy in Czech, Nowhere Land is about the city of West, Texas. A small city with a strong Czech heritage, this community was ripped apart in April 2013 when a fertilizer plant exploded and leveled much of the town. This film documents the city building itself up again one year later, rebuilding not only its structures but its cultural heritage, piece by piece. The film explores the ways that West has changed since the explosion, provides a look at its history, and provides a thought provoking, visually intensive look at a community trying to begin anew and retain its cultural heritage.
    Directed by: Jakob Schwarz
    Director of Photography: Johnathan Paul
    Sound Recordist: David Goodman
    Editor: Garrett Graham
  • Life Altering
    This documentary captures the life-altering effect of divorce on the relationship between a daughter and a parent. This is an attempt to strengthen their bond.
    Directed by: Robert Bowen
    Director of Photography: Garrett Graham
    Sound Recordist: Johnathan Paul
    Editor: Tuarean Hodge
  • Marching Home
    The world famous Grambling State University Tiger Marching Band is captured in this film which focuses on several students performing in Dallas. These students, along with alumni, demonstrate what it takes to prepare for a big event. From intense practices to high school recreation and with bragging rights on the line, these band members put forth their best effort to get the job done with style. This film gives you a glimpse of what collegiate show style marching band is all about.
    Directed by: Tuarean Hodge
    Director of Photography: Robert Bowen
    Sound Recordist: Garrett Graham
    Editor: David Goodman
  • Don't Frack With Denton
    This documentary explores how an industrially exploited but very creative town managed to upstage the oil and gas industry deep in the heart of Texas with the power of music and community organizing. Together -- and against all odds -- they won the very first ban on hydraulic fraturing in the state, right on top of the same shale where fracking was first invented.
    Directed by: Garrett Graham
    Director of Photography: David Goodman
    Sound Recordist: Tuarean Hodge
    Editor: Jakob Schwarz
  • Hustler of Providence
    In a life filled with mental, physical, and verbal abuse, Rich turned to drugs to numb his pain. Soon he found himself on the street offering his body in exchange for his next fix. One chance encounter changed all that for Rich and he found an escape. When he eventually returned to the street, he did so as a voice of hope for others who were still enslaved to their addictions.
    Directed by: Johnathan Paul
    Director of Photography: Tuarean Hodge
    Sound Recordist: Jakob Schwarz
    Editor: Robert Bowen