Brian Krieger | Department of Media Arts

Brian Krieger

Equipment Room Supervisor
Brian Krieger
RTFP 166

Brian Krieger (KREE-gur) has many years of experience as a videographer and an audio visual technician. He began his career in radio production after obtaining his BA from Michigan State University.

After moving to Texas in 1989, he soon started work as an audio visual technician for a prominent A/V rental company in DFW. In 2001, he started his own video company and worked as a freelance videographer for many years shooting and editing just about everything under the sun. With changes in the economy and technology, he eventually took a video job based in Omaha, Nebraska, which allowed him to travel all over the United States heading up teams to shoot live events.

Happy to be back in Texas, Krieger loves his position as Equipment Room Supervisor. Working with students and making an impact in their lives is its own reward, and it gives him a chance to pass on what he has learned. He continually seeks to increase his expertise in many areas. When not on the job, you may find him frequenting one of the many used book stores throughout North Texas.

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